N'tru Sangu

(N'tru Sangu)

Luca Valente

14:58 min min




Luca Valente, Aimée Buidine


Aimée Buidine, Jérémie Guez

Key Cast

Laura Paoletti "Maria", Vladimir Barbera "Salvatore", Gaetano Festinese "Michele"

Other credits


BIOGRAPHY Luca Valente graduated from the French Art School ESAG Penninghen, Paris. During his studies, Luca Valente created a number of student short films with hisschoolmate David Sapyyapy (who is the compositing and VFX director of N’TRUSANGU). He then started to develop his authentic, distinctive and nervous style, withblack and white sketches inspired from both engraving and watercolour techniques.After school, Luca Valente was spotted by animation companies. He workedfor UBISOFT and for a few commercials, but really wanted to dedicate to his owncreation.N’TRU SANGU is his firts « non-student » animation short film.