Darkness Is A Color

Mujtaba Saeed

25:42 min min


Saudi Arabia


Mujtaba Saeed, Lara Wittosek


Gabriel Rühle, Marco Grönwoldt

Key Cast

Adolfo Assor "The Hunter", Liane Düsterhöft "The Wife"

Other credits


A visual trip inside the psyche of an old hunter who is fighting his aging process and has to confront himself with his natural environment, the forest. The archetypical story about the hunter begins when he finds out that his rifle is missing. With furious anger, he wanders deep into the thick heart of the woods and rediscovers his instincts in his departed beloved natural world. Will he be able to penetrate the darkness and obscurity of the forest in order to understand himself?
BIOGRAPHY Mujtaba Saeed (b. 1987, Dammam) was active in theatre and film at school. Since 2012, he is studying fiction directing at Filmakademie BW. In 2015, he won Best Director Talent in Saudi Arabia and finished his first series for MBC, which is currently on air.