Lucas Vossoughi, Artur Golczewski

10:00 min min




Lucas Vossoughi, Artur Golczewski


Lucas Vossoughi, Artur Golczewski

Key Cast

Daniela Zacherl "Her", Gox Mailer "Him", Christoph Dostal "His Voice"

Other credits

MUSIC: Mario Wienerroither
SOUND:Mario Wienerroither
EDITING: Mario Wienerroither


A young woman awakens next to a man, who, while not unfamiliar, seems oddly strange to her. She roams drowsily through his apartment, being awash with shreds of memories. Fragments of what happened last night, which don't add up to a coherent whole.
BIOGRAPHY Lucas Vossoughi was born 1976 in Vienna, studied communication & media in Vienna, Visual Arts in Berlin, was guest student at the Viennese film academy and invited to the Film-Masterclass in Zurich 2008 (with Sly Stallone, Ken Loach, Costa-Gavras a.o.). He co-founded the design label EDsFIREARMS&SUPPLIES, produced visuals and installations. In 2005 he met Artur Golczewski and they teamed up to make all kind of films under the brand of tightrope films. Artur Golczewski was born 1980 in northern Poland and emigrated to Austria in 1989. He graduated in Physics and was working in research on thermonuclear fusion. Along the way he recurrently got involved in journalistic projects like being the scientific editor in Swarovski's internet project THE CRYSTALWEB, or translating a book on the holocaust from Polish into English. Next to teaching in secondary schools he always found time to write short stories and screenplays, and is also working as an (film)editor.