Flesh of my Flesh

Matthys Boshoff

English /
24:20 min min


South Africa


Matthys Boshoff


Jozua Malherbe, Lucia Meyer-Marais

Key Cast

James Gracie, Erica Wessels, Luan Jacobs, Ursula Botha

Other credits

MUSIC: Braam du Toit, Keith Hutchinson
SOUND:Andrea Rusch, Alison Stevens, Jim Petrak
EDITING: Braam du Toit, Keith Hutchinson


Flesh of my Flesh tells the story of how a married couple’s relationship and household are changed after a car accident claims their little daughter’s life and leaves the wife quadriplegic. Twelve years after the accident Magnus helps Annelie to prepare for their wedding anniversary. Both have seemingly dealt with the effects of the accident and adapted to their situation. In spite of his estrangement from their son, Cornelius, and a few stumbling blocks, Magnus is determined to make the evening a success. Their anniversary starts with jokes and romance but as the complications of Annelie’s disability become more prominent their special occasion goes off the rails. It is in situations of utter powerlessness that Annelie finds her strength and Magnus is forced to face his regrets and pain.
BIOGRAPHY Matthys’ journey into film directing includes stops in anthropology, biblical archaeology, business and economics, performing arts and scriptwriting. After film school, he worked in the art department on international feature films for four years, then completed a filmmaker’s residency at the International Film and Television Workshops in America. He’s adventured in diverse locations like Afghanistan, Patagonia and Uganda. In these places, as in his work, he always takes an eye for beauty, an appetite for risk, a sense of discovery and an appreciation for humanity. He’s been directing commercials since 2010 and has a few feature films up his sleeve. His award winning short film ‘Flesh of my flesh’ has screened at numerous Oscar qualifying film festivals around the world.