Royal Blue

(Royal Blau)

Dinko Draganovic

20:00 min min




Dinko Draganovic


Dinko Draganovic, Sinisa Vidovic

Key Cast

Rubina Mia Jungwirth "Bibi", Ljubisa Lupo Grujcic "Father"

Other credits


BIOGRAPHY Dinko Draganovic was born in 1988 in former Yugoslavia. In 1992 he and his parents came as refugees to Austria, where Dinko is living nowadays. The University of Arts and Design in Linz he completed with a master degree in "timebased media". Next to some short films and music videos, he is directing commercials for TV and cinema. Furthermore he is working as a guest lecturer at an university. A social drama about youth and pornography titled "MILF" is going to be Dinko's feature film debut, which he is working on right now.