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Everything’s different but nothing has changed. A trip through a sunken maze of memories and dreams.
BIOGRAPHY Director/artist Rosto, and his Studio Rosto A.D, are well known for their independent short films, online graphic novel, music videos and TV work. His first shorts "(the rise and fall of the legendary) Anglobilly Feverson" (2002) and "Jona/Tomberry" (winner of the Grand Prix Canal+ at the Cannes Film Festival 2005) screened at many prestigious international festivals and brought him worldwide recognition. These short films were part of "Mind My Gap", a mixed media project that started with an online graphic novel (now concluded on mindmygap), and continued with music and print as well as films. A retrospective of the films and related work has been presented on several international festivals, including The Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana in 2015. Rosto's work got the attention of international (music) artists. For his film "The Monster of Nix" (2011) he collaborated with the Metropole Orkest, Tom Waits, Terry Gilliam, The Residents and The Dø. "Nix" was theatrically released in the Netherlands and Belgium, won numerous awards and screened at countless festivals.