The Final Frame

( BAMDAD Workshop)

Mahmood Pouyandeh

Persian /
14:03 min min




Mahmood Pouyandeh


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Mr.Kanaani, the professional photographer and camera man (55 years old, married), comes back to his apartment after his last cinematic project. He then starts to photography from all parts of his home with the Drone, articulating some sentences to his assistant, wife and son. Inside his advices to them, he reveals the disloyalty relationship between his wife and assistant and criticizes about his personal life and the social and political situation of Iran and the world.
BIOGRAPHY I am 35 years old. I have graduated in EMBA (M.A) In Iran. My Dissertation has been about the "social capital" in Iranian society. My art activity includes of: screenwriting, directing, acting in cinema & Theater. I have been certified from some professional Cinematic institutions since 2015. I have made 2 short films until now. I am interested in developing new forms and styles in directing focused on impressive scenario.