Teta, Opi & Me

(Teta, Opi & Me)

Tara Hakim

25:10 min min




Tara Hakim


Key Cast

Gerlinde Abu Aitah "Teta" Tawfiq Abu Aitah "Opi"

Other credits


Shot entirely on an iPhone, Teta, Opi & Me is a poetic, meditative, multilingual, and feeling-driven short film, documenting the intricacies of the artist’s playful process in capturing her grandparents’ enduring romance through social, political and racial adversity. He comes from Bethlehem and she comes from Vienna. Incorporating poetic filmic scenarios, vérité scenes, interviews, and home movies, the work is an intergenerational dialogue that explores themes of family, love, and the intermingling of cultures.
BIOGRAPHY Tara Hakim is an emerging multidisciplinary artist who strives to offer unique ways of interacting with, interpreting, and responding to the world around her. Tara’s work can be considered as an aesthetic, experimental, and playful meditation on the everyday and personal. Her work often explores the little things; the feelings, experiences and the often disregarded details of our lives, in an attempt to restore our fascination with existence and with the mundane. For Tara, there is suffering and beauty in all she observes and feels, and those remain at the core of what she aspires to show the world.