Shirin Hooshmandi

05:49 min min




Shirin Hooshmandi, Adam Murry


Shirin Hooshmandi

Key Cast

Frank Panhans, Deniz Baser

Other credits

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Samira Ghahremani, Lukas Meissner


A man walks into a bar... Sounds like a joke, but turns into serious danger very quickly. A barkeeper is closing his bar, when a stranger enters. He orders some shots and tells the barkeeper an unsettling story. The Barkeeper realizes that the bar was not chosen randomly.
BIOGRAPHY Shirin Hooshmandi Born 1991 in Graz, Austria Student of the Vienna Filmacademy. After some years in theatre, getting some insight on directing work as an assistant director, Shirin began to work on film sets. Some years and various projects later, working as a production assistant she started to produce short films on her own. 2012 she founded the association “Filmszene Graz” to work together with independent filmmakers in Austria. 2014 she applied for a study at the Vienna Filmacademy und is currently studying production management. Since 2016 she works as an independent film producer and realizes advertisement, and short films (live action, documentary and animation) CHEERS is her directing debut film.