Tsar Bomba

Oskar Rosetti

14:00 min min




Oskar Rosetti


Benjamin Bottorff

Key Cast

Nathalie Boulin "Irina", Lionel Blanc "Ivan", Anne Thorens "Mannon", Tom Chalancon "Louis"

Other credits

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Arnaud Portalier
MUSIC: Laurent Alvarez
SOUND:Adrien Iseli
EDITING: Laurent Alvarez


Irina, a hard-working single mom, lives with her only son Ivan, 19 years old, in a modest apartment, and tries to keep educating him despite he’s a young adult. One day, she sees a video showing a gang rape, and finds out her son is involved in it.
BIOGRAPHY Oskar Rosetti was born in 1989 in Geneva. After studying history of art, he started film school in Belgium, then graduated in Lausanne in 2014. His first short film after school, “I scream your name”, won several awards in film festivals.