Make Aliens Dance

Sebastien Petretti

24:00 min min




Sebastien Petretti, Fredrik Mjell


Giuseppe Conti, Paul Meranger, Sebastien Petretti

Key Cast

Alastair Natkiel (Mike), Calvin Dean (Murphy), Eileen Pollock (Lilli), Bob Goody (Dan), Colin Spaull (Commentator), Carol Robb (Boss),

Other credits

MUSIC: lanterns on the lake - song " I love you sleepyhead"
SOUND:Manu Saubin, Christophe Loerke
EDITING: lanterns on the lake - song " I love you sleepyhead"


Gillingham, UK, 2018. Mike, a music producer in free fall, Dan, a sound engineer who is tired of his job, Murphy, the autistic brother with his headphones fixed to his ears, and, Lilli, the mother, are going through a rough time in their lives. Mazzy, the youngest sibling, a singer with a superb voice, has disappeared. What do they have left of her? Hours of recordings: her magnificent voice was recorded onto countless tapes, which are carefully stored and filed in the family studio.
BIOGRAPHY Sebastien started in 2006 as an assistant director on short films and commercials and is now directing both. 2015 saw Sebastien shoot a short entitled PINK VELVET VALLEY which is touring the festival circuit at present. In 2016 Seb, finished a third short called STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER!. The film was selected in a lot of festivals like Palm Springs, Encounters, Mecal Barcelona and Regard sur le court Canada. He won 4 prizes until now. Today Sebastien is fishing his last short called MAKE ALIENS DANCE: A family drama happening in the suburb of London.