Sune Sorensen

11:00 min min




Sune Sorensen


Christian Juliussen

Key Cast

Christopher Poll "Alex", Torben Zeller "Ole", Katrine Jensenius "Asta", Sigurd Ulriksen "Hugo", Ursula Baum Hansen "Waiter", Diem Camille Gbogou “Gas station attendant”, Peter Andreas Heyn “Car Driver 1”, Joshua Berman “Car Driver 2”

Other credits

MUSIC: Jamie Ryan
SOUND:Kasper Rasmussen, Jacques Pedersen, Mikkel Groos
EDITING: Jamie Ryan


In a final attempt to re-connect after years of falling out, Alex - encouraged by his mother - embarks on a road trip with his father in their old family Beetle. The car that Alex hates and his father loves, becomes an intimate setting for two stubborn men, who are forced to deal with their issues as they are both literally and figuratively brought together. The journey becomes a bumpy ride filled with conflicts as well as shared memories of a past closeness, which has long since turned cold.
BIOGRAPHY Sune Sorensen was born in Denmark,1982. During his Film Studies at the University of Copenhagen he started a film production company - Disturb Sanity Productions - and excelled at his Masters. He quickly lost interest in the academic side of films and continued to work in his original film company, which was joined by new partners and gained international presence; consequently, changing name to Shoot Happens. To achieve success, he held several roles from EP to Producer, Editor to Writer, and Director, until finally settling on a life as writer-director - at first working on music videos and commercials, which quickly brought him critical acclaim.