Sven Bresser

23:22 min min




Sven Bresser


Max de Wolf

Key Cast

Rover Wouters "Kai", Sami Ballafkir "Thomas", Merle Hartveld "Luca", Ko Zandvliet "Photographer", Martijn Hilineus "Teacher"

Other credits


Kai and Thomas, two 12-year old friends, are inseparable. Together they're everything, alone they're nothing. Their bond is strong until a new girl steps into their classroom and catches Thomas' eye. This is a short narrative about Kai who is desperately trying to win back his best friend. He slowly loses control and makes a decision that will change his life forever.
BIOGRAPHY Sven Bresser (Amsterdam, 1992) is a filmmaker based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He graduated with honours from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 2016 with the short film ‘Cavello’. The film was nominated for the Tuschinsky Award, Best Student Film on the Netherlands Film Festival and nominated for the VERS Award.