A Thousand Kisses

Richard Goldgewicht

16:38 min min


United States


Darcy Brislin


Eitan Rosenthal

Key Cast

Elke Sommer "Nette Haber", Christian Oliver “Moses Waldman”

Other credits


Separated by the fear of prosecution in the Nazi Germany of 1933, a young Jewish couple in Berlin make loose plans to reunite on the safe tropical shores of Brazil. Inspired by the actual correspondence recovered by the couple’s grandsons 80 years later in São Paulo, A Thousand Kisses presents a peculiar love story tainted by the harsh historical context of its time, with a light appeal of irony and real-life poetry.
BIOGRAPHY Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Richard’s feature debut came in Rotterdam 2012 with the award winning animated documentary Pablo, on the life and times of graphic designer Pablo Ferro - the artist responsible for the look and feel of much of Stanley Kubrick’s and Hal Ashby’s work, and one of the men who first made film title sequences “a thing.”