Animales de Cristal

Guillermo Osorto

16:10 min min




Guillermo Osorto


Aina Quintana, Albert Almario

Key Cast

Irina Bravo "Zoe", Raquel Esteban "Mickey"

Other credits

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Pau Carreño, Martí Aguer, Aniol Torrents, Ione Jiménez, Joaquim Vinyes


Zoe must face her fear of growing up when Mickey, her roommate, decides to move in with her partner. Feelings start to flourish on their last night together and their lives will never be the same again.
BIOGRAPHY Born in Honduras, 1994, he traveled to study film in Spain in 2012. From there on, he’s participated in many short films as part of the crew. In 2017, he was 2nd assistant director in a nation-wide Mexican TV series for TV Azteca. He’s now finishing his studies in Girona, Spain. “Animales de Cristal” is the first film he writes and directs, a deeply personal project that’s been called ‘one of the best scripts’ to ever come out of his college.