Because of a Little Apple

(За яблочко, Za yablochko)

Ksenia Roganova

13:54 min min


Russian Federation


Ksenia Roganova


Pavel Roganov

Key Cast

Svetlana Bukhtoyarova, Ivan Grigoriev, Vitaly Krylov, Constantin Hramsov, Anna Andreeva

Other credits

SOUND:Sergey Siniak, Egor Sevastyanov, Pavel Roganov


The film is based on a short story by Anton Chekhov “Because of little apples”. The action is transferred from the nobleman and the apple garden to these days, to a supermarket. A guy proposes to his girlfriend and, not paying attention to the surveillance cameras, in a merry mood they hide a bottle of cognac into a bag, which gives the shop manager a chance to feel like a nobleman and the boss of the situation and their lives. And for the young couple their meeting with the shop manager becomes a serious trial for their feelings. Will they endure it?
BIOGRAPHY Ksenia Roganova was born in Volzhsky, Volgograd region, Russia in 1983. In 2008 she entered St. Petersburg State University of Art and Culture (workshop of Alexander Kiselyov) and graduated in 2014 with a specialization in “Film and photo studio manager” as a film producer. Then she entered the higher courses of film directors of St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television (workshop of Sergei Ovcharov) and finished it with a specialization in “Filmmaker” (degree work "Because of a Little Apple"). During her studies she shot 4 fiction and 3 documentary works. In January 2017 she finished working on “Because of a Little Apple”.