Sunken Plum

(Chen Li)

Xu Xiaoxi, Roberto F. Canuto

Chinese /
19 min




Xu Xiaoxi, Roberto F. Canuto


Leng Zhiwen

Key Cast

Gu Xiang, Yu Yinmeng, Tian Peng, Li Lierong, Chen Jiaqi, Yao Zhexing

Other credits


A transgender Chinese woman receives news of her mother's death. As the only "son", she feels obligated to return to her birthplace in the mountains, even though she'll have to hide her true self from family and friends.
BIOGRAPHY Xu Xiaoxi (Chengdu, China, 1981)Graduated with a Fine Arts degree (Painting and Video Art) from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 2007). In 2009, he completed a Master in Fine Arts, at the New York Film Academy, Universal Studios, Hollywood. He has directed several short films, including Ni Jing: Thou shalt not steal (2013), Mei Mei (2009) and the experimental film The Fluxus of ID (2006). / Roberto F. Canuto , (Gijon, Spain, 1973) Graduated in Audiovisual Communications from Complutense University (Madrid, Spain). Bachelor of Music studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Oviedo (Spain). In 2009, he completed a Master in Film Direction at the New York Film Academy of Universal Studios in Los Angeles. He has directed various shorts, among them the warded Toto Forever. His graduation feature film, Desire Street, co-directed with Xu Xiaoxi, is praised in Mexico and other film festivals.