Måns Berthas

Swedish /
15 min min




Måns Berthas, Daniel Burman


Måns Berthas, Daniel Burman

Key Cast

Manne Gidlund, Lo Kauppi, Lena Strömdahl

Other credits


BIOGRAPHY Måns Berthas was born in Sundsvall, a small town in Sweden. From early years he had a strong interest in film, literature and music. He started to direct short films with a borrowed VHS camera. Måns has worked within different genres and he has directed number of award-winning documentaries and shorts. His previous short movie, Champion (2015), debuted at Göteborg Film Festival in 2015 and has already been screened in more than twenty film festivals around the world (among which Bogoshorts in Colombia, FlickerFest in Australia and Asiana International Film Festival in South Korea). Champion has already won several awards. Bitchboy is his latest work.